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About the MPC-Conditions

The MPC-Conditions including the MPC-Mediation regulations and the MPC-Arbitration regulations are a unique set of general rules applicable to trade in dairy products inside and outside the European Union. The conditions are established by Gemzu, the Dutch Dairy Trade Association, located in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The MPC-Conditions are divided into four parts:

  • MPC-Conditions applied within the European Union
  • MPC-Conditions applied outside the European Union
  • MPC-Mediation regulations
  • MPC-Arbitration regulations

Like arbitration mediation is a popular alternative to traditional litigation and sometimes mediation and arbitration are used consecutivly. Opposing parties may first try to negotiate through mediation and if that fails, move forward to arbitration. 

The mediation regulations operate with a single mediator who does not judge the case but simply helps to facilitate discussion and eventuel resolution of the dispute. For mediation both parties need to express their willingness. The MPC-Mediation regulations set out how to arrange this procedure if desired by both parties.

Arbitration is a form of extrajudicial dispute resolution that is used to achieve quick and high-quality results in case of dispute, thanks to expert arbitrators and modern arbitration rules.

For each dispute, an external lawyer practicing in the Netherlands is appointed registrar to the Arbitration Board. 

Parties involved in an arbitration procedure can state their preference for an arbitrator through the list procedure. The procedure for appointing arbitrators is laid down in article 3 of the MPC-Arbitration rules. See the Arbitration Board with names of arbitrators (and mediators) who are available for conducting arbitration proceedings under the MPC Conditions. If parties are of different nationalities, the third arbitrator shall have a different nationality from that of the parties. Thus the arbitration tribunal always consist of several nationalities. 

Thanks to the United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (New York Arbitration Convenion), an arbitral ruling is recognized and can be enforced in more than 140 nations. Therefore it is easier to enforce an abitral ruling than an ordinary Court ruling.

The MPC rulings available for third parties can be found here: competence / cycle.

By applying the MPC-Conditions, the MPC-Mediation regulations and the MPC-Arbitration regulations, you opt for professional, neutral trade conditions and a professional, qualitative, speedy and impartial form of dispute resolution.

The MPC-Conditions are available in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish and can be ordered by e-mail: info@gemzu.nl or downloaded through this site (see below).


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